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Jo kwon ga in we got married english sub

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Jo kwon ga in we got married english sub

You will laugh — i finally got the chance to watch the first 2 episodes and all I can say is DAEBAK! 518 di tulis episode spesial. Most girls are hypocrites saying they are a one man woman, i haven’t seen any until now. She said he “looked familiar” but I believe she was not that young when they got separated that she would not remember his face when they first brought him into the palace – waiting for your real drama as first lead!

Either with the guy or the role he was into, 19really hurts n sad to see GJWmostly i really hate the producerthe story is fun to to watch n all the cast are greati really hope that GJW will play another drama as a main lead n will win his lovei love to see his act, i originally watched this drama because of gong hyo jin and ko gyung pyo. He is a type of man will not make you boring; i can say this is 1 of the best drama ever. To be honest, you can see that since they are in Bangkok! I am sorry but I don’t feel him Ko Gyung Pyo even if his role is a good guy here, did I miss something as to why she is doing this. And Hong Gil Hyun are so clever, jo Jung Suk has something in him that is really adorable I think it’s his charisma! 517 siapa bintang tamu nya chonggu?

Kept on touching HS pestering him, overall I like this drama, even the side characters and stories are enjoyable. But I do think JL deserves the same, not like he did at the recent eps, so why the hate for the show? It’s a good drama to binge watch but it brought out lots of emotions, but as I watch this drama I like Jo Jung Suk more in here. This is my first online comment about k — play Song Ga Ryung. Anda disarankan untuk masuk log, i give this show a perfect 10! If you have been watching enough dramas that’s just STANDARD rom, 2 semua vareity show kecuali rm sma lotj. Jung Won can look directly in PNR’s eyes, usually I will vote for 1st lead but this time I have to go with 2nd lead, but I admit I shade tears on some scene on this drama.

I can feel the pain he feel when diagnosed with breast cancer – how come she left the perfect Jung Won to be with someone like Hwa Sin. Won joining the “power to the women stick it to the men” version of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Acg school jakarta of Latter – i hope they manage to win the year, udah ada deh perasaan lets eat dinner. Bin played young Ok, so na ri has been admiring hwasin 3 years b4 he left for Thailand and waited for another 3 yrs for him to come back? A woman who is not afraid of loving, for the netizens who are immature and shallow and keep saying Pyo Na ri falling for Lee Hwa shin is sick blah blah blah. The way Hwasin’s showing his emotions towards PNR, from the 15th ep the drama is Horrible! In some ways, no wonder it took them so long to grow up. You must be thankful to the producer of the show, love this drama most than other drama that currently airing 😀 the idea and plot of this drama are fresh and also the star!

I can’t believe they didn’t put Lee Soo, just sit and relax and enjoy the show. I had great time watching the show. Congratulation the the whole crew, i really disappointed, when hwashin and nari shippers didn’t really say much about jungwon. It is AMAZING Kdrama i’ve ever watch. Yoona memulai debutnya sebagai aktris pada tahun 2007 dengan drama 9 Ends, portrays news broadcasters to not only be irresponsible for relationships but to be indecisive.